September 2021 Minutes

Wind Lake/North Cape Drifter’s Snowmobile Club
Minutes from September 9, 2021
Meeting called to order at 7:10pm

  • President: Rick Rehberg

  • Vice President: Chad Hegemann

  • Secretary: Kelly Oberhart

  • Treasurers: Jeff and Kathy Ehrhart

Secretary’s Report: A motion to accept the Secretary’s report from April’s meeting was made by Al Oberhart and seconded by Justin Ehrhart.

Treasurer’s Report: A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Al Oberhart and seconded by Dave Klein.

Trail Committee:

  • 150 new stakes were ordered for the trail.
  • The groomer trackers were ordered. Thank you to Chad Hegemann for taking care of this.
  • We will still track groomer hours on paper this year as we use the groomer trackers as a back-up in case errors occur.
  • A motion was made by Nathan Hegemann to order a chip for the second Kubota which will help provide more power. Al Oberhart seconded the motion.
  • One of the Kubotas is in need of Wind Lake North Cape Drifters decals. Kathy Ehrhart made a motion to spend up to $200 on the decals.  Nathan Hegemann seconded the motion.
  • It was discussed that we research different tractors with full tracks as a possibility for the future. This will help us determine the cost and availability and help develop a plan for a possible equipment purchase in the future.
  • Justin Ehrhart will also be looking into a 10 foot blade that could possibly be used on the tractors.

Safety Committee:

  • There are plans for the Wind Lake Drifters’ Snowmobile Safety Class to take place at the beginning of December. It will be Monday, December 6 from 6-9pm, Thursday, December 9 from 6-9pm and Saturday, December 11 from 8-11:30am. The class will be held at the Tichigan Fire Department on highway 164. The class will be in person unless the DNR changes its course of action due to Covid restrictions.


  • Winterfest will be held January 22 at Great Lakes Dragaway.
  • The Alliance will again be having a Sportsman’s Raffle. Items will include a booze wagon, ice fishing gear and 11 guns.
  • Wide Open Wisconsin will be held September 24-26 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. This is a powersports show which will include a stunt show, swap meet and much more.
  • The AWSC summer meeting was held. Many things were discussed at this meeting.
    • The GPS units will be paid for.
    • There will be 600 new miles of trail.
    • In the future (not yet this year), individuals will be able to buy their pass and registration right at the dealer.

*The AWSC fall Workshop will be October 22-24 at the Wilderness Resort in the Dells.

There will be 4 classes including DNR certification and re-certification, groomer trackers, club rosters/memberships and a club forum/discussion.

  • Several individuals are interested in attending in order to learn more through the class on groomer trackers. Kelly Oberhart was also interested in attending the club rosters and memberships session.  Darren made a motion for the club to pay for these individuals’ accommodations (up to 6 rooms) as well as their registration.  Nathan Hegemann seconded this motion.

Membership Committee:

  • Please get your memberships submitted as soon as possible.

Fundraising Committee:

  • A motion was made by Justin Ehrhart to place all gun raffle decisions for 2021-2022 in the hands of the committee with a budget of $14,000. Chad Hegemann seconded the motion.

Sunshine Committee:

  • Congratulations to Aaron and Andrea Chart on welcoming a new baby girl to their family.
  • We also want to extend our congratulations to Jason and Kate Nolan on the birth of their baby boy.

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • Officer elections were held for the positions of president, treasurer and secretary. The new officers for the 2021-22 year are:
    • President: Rick Rehberg
    • Treasurers: Jeff and Kathy Ehrhart
    • Secretary: Kelly Oberhart
  • At this time, the vote for Vice President was tabled until the October meeting.  We are looking for individuals that might be interested in the Vice President position.
  • We discussed the interest in a club Christmas Party this year. Friday, December 17th is the day that was selected for this event.  More information will follow in future minutes.
  • Wind Lake Drifters Apparel is still available. Please let Kathy Ehrhart know if you would like to purchase shirts or sweatshirts.

Meeting was adjourned by Nathan Hegemann and Jeff Ehrhart at 8:13pm

Upcoming Events

  • October 14: Wind Lake Drifters Meeting at Dover Inn at 7pm.