March 2021 Minutes

Wind Lake/North Cape Drifter’s Snowmobile Club
Minutes from March 11th, 2020
Meeting called to order at 7:03pm

  • President: Rick Rehberg

  • Vice President: Chad Hegemann

  • Secretary: Kelly Oberhart

  • Treasurers: Jeff and Kathy Ehrhart

Secretary’s Report: A motion to accept the Secretary’s report from February’s meeting was made by Dustin Hegemann and seconded by Roger Winckler.

Treasurer’s Report: A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Ken Werner and seconded by Al Oberhart.

Trail Committee:

  • The trails were open 31 days. Thank you to the 8 groomer drivers that volunteered their own time to keep our trails looking great!
  • There was 160 hours of total grooming time. Some of the fuel for the groomer was taken from the tank at Ehrhart’s farm (421 gallons) while some fuel came from the tank at Marshall Oberhart’s farm (225 gallons).
  • Justin Ehrhart submitted an invoice for the fuel and maintenance items needed for the groomers. Ken Werner made a motion to pay the bill. Al Oberhart seconded the motion.
  • GPS units will be ordered for each of the grooming tractors. The question was asked if the GPS units can be moved to other tractors as needed. Darren Slotty said that he would look into this.
  • Johnson Tractor supply is running a sale on filters that are needed for the Kubota tractors. Al Oberhart made a motion to buy the filters now. Steve Steinhaus seconded the motion. Thank you, Justin Ehrhart, for taking care of this.

Safety Committee:

  • At this time, there are other safety classes being offered in the area. A+ in Elkhorn will have one on November 6 and 7 and December 4 and 5.
  • The Union Grove Snowhawks will also be hosting a class at the Tin Can in Union Grove.


  • Supplemental grooming hours will be submitted.
  • Greg Roscizewski and Darren Slotty will be attending the spring meeting at the end of the month.
  • The Racine County Sheriff’s Department focused on trespassers and registration along with trailpass monitoring when they were able to get out on the snowmobile trails this season.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Sunday Gunday is June 6. Please contact Kelly Oberhart at 262-492-6766 to return sold tickets/money and to also return unsold tickets that you would like to part with.
  • The club discussed “Sunday Gunday” t-shirts. Jim Friesema made a motion to purchase 40 shirts. Dave Klein seconded the motion. Darren needs to order shirts for the volunteers soon. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Darren Slotty and provide him with the size and type of shirt you would like WITHIN THE WEEK. His phone number is: 414-238-3069

Membership Committee:There were around 80 members in our club this year.

Meeting was adjourned by Jared Kempken and Todd Roberts at 7:24pm

Upcoming Events

  • Last meeting of the year: April 8, 2021 at 7pm (Dover Inn)
  • June 6: Sunday Gunday