December 2020 Minutes

Wind Lake/North Cape Drifter’s Snowmobile Club
Minutes from December 10th, 2020
Meeting called to order at 7:01pm

  • President: Rick Rehberg

  • Vice President: Chad Hegemann

  • Secretary: Kelly Oberhart

  • Treasurers: Jeff and Kathy Ehrhart

Secretary’s Report: A motion to accept the Secretary’s report from November’s meeting was made by Justin Ehrhart and seconded by Al Oberhart.

Treasurer’s Report: A motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Dustin Hegemann and Al Oberhart

Trail Committee:

  • The trail is in with the exception of a small area that Bob Grube’s group stakes.
  • Jeff Ehrhart used his vertical tiller to work the trails and smooth things out. Others have been out mulching as well.
  • Rick Rehberg filled in the bridge on the north end that crosses near Dahl’s property. It had some large holes where the soil had been washed away.
  • There are stakes left but they need to be looked through. There are many that could be tossed.
  • Al Oberhart and Justin Ehrhart shared that we are in need of new road signs. Al Oberhart made a motion to get new road signs made. Dustin Hegemann seconded the motion.
  • Thank you to those who volunteered to help put the trail in. It is a BIG job and, with more help, it is made easier.

Safety Committe:

  • At this time, there are 5 students taking the Snowmobile Safety Class. It will conclude on Saturday, December 12.


  • Winterfest will be January 23, 2021.
  • There will be a 9 gun raffle along with other great prizes. Darren Slotty has tickets. They are $20 per ticket and only 500 tickets will be sold.
  • There will be some new radar run classes.
  • They are looking at purchasing a mini drag to pull behind an atv for the kids’ track at Winterfest.
  • The new trail maps are almost ready. The color coding system is being used again this year to help more easily identify which trails are open/closed.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Tickets for the 2021 Sunday Gunday are available from Kelly Oberhart or Ken Werner. If you would like to help with the distribution and collection of tickets, please contact Kelly Oberhart at 262-492-6766.

Membership Committee: We currently have 55 registered members. Racine County Alliance of Snowmobile Club charges $3/member. Joyce Roscizewski is paying these fees in groups, as memberships come in.

Meeting was adjourned by Nathan Hegemann and Justin Ehrhart at 7:30pm.

Upcoming Events

  • January 14th – Drifters meeting at 7pm at Dover Inn