November 2020 Minutes

Wind Lake/North Cape Drifter’s Snowmobile Club
Minutes from November 12th, 2020
Meeting called to order at 7:08pm

  • President: Rick Rehberg

  • Vice President: Chad Hegemann

  • Secretary: Kelly Oberhart

  • Treasurers: Jeff and Kathy Ehrhart

Secretary’s Report: had been emailed to members. Justin Ehrhart made a motion to accept the minutes as presented. Aaron Chart seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: was shared. Roger Winkler made a motion to approve the report. Kyle Hegemann seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Trail Committee:

  • The north end landowner permissions have been secured. The club might stake these trails Saturday, November 14. Kelly Oberhart will send an email with details.
  • The south end permissions have mostly been secured. The Hiawatha Snow Chiefs (Bob Grube) will mark a portion of the south end, but we will do all the dirt work. If anyone wants to help stake the south end, contact Jeff Ehrhart (262-206-6940).
  • The tractors have been serviced. We may need to use a larger tractor than our Kubotas to pull the disc to work the trails. The mulcher had a flat tire that needed to be plugged. Jeff Ehrhart presented a bill for all the service work that Ehrhart Farms employees performed. Ken Werner made a motion to pay the bill. Nathan Hegemann seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Darren Slotty purchased new screws for trail signs. The new stakes are on back order.


  • Our condolences are extended to Rick Rehberg and family, upon the passing of his mother.
  • We extend our congratulations to Ashley & Nathan Hegemann, on the birth of Adler Thomas!


  • Our annual Christmas party is cancelled this year, due to Covid-19.
  • Jeff Ehrhart made a motion to get each landowner a $50 gift card this year, since we are not doing the party. Darren Slotty seconded the motion. Motion carried. Kathy Ehrhart will work with Community State Bank to get the Visa gift cards. We will send them with Christmas cards and a note explaining our decision.


  • The fall meeting was held virtually. Snowmobiling in Wisconsin is healthy! About 359 miles of new trails and some new bridges are funded, and there are about 600 clubs across the state!
  • June 30, AWSC memberships expired. By the fall AWSC meeting, about half were already renewed.
  • The Governor’s Council passed a regulation that by November 2021, every groomer will need a GPS tracking system, which will be able to electronically download trail work reports, eliminating the paperwork we currently complete to be reimbursed for trail work. This will cost $250/groomer.
  • The organization would like to modify the language on the 40 foot rule and the noise testing regulations.


  • Jim Lone is retiring.
  • They voted to allocate funds to purchase a 6-foot drag to pull behind a UTV, to build the youth track at Winterfest. WinterFest is scheduled for January 23. Contact Darren Slotty for raffle tickets, if interested.
  • The Washington County snow show was a success and will likely be repeated next year, possibly the last weekend of September. The Eagle River snow show was also a success.
  • The next Alliance meeting will be December 1, at Irish Cottage 2.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Sunday Gunday will be June 6, 2021.
  • Raffle tickets are now available! Contact Kelly Oberhart or Darren Slotty if you would like to get some to sell!

Membership Committee: We currently have 55 registered members. Racine County Alliance of Snowmobile Club charges $3/member. Joyce Roscizewski is paying these fees in groups, as memberships come in.

New Business:

  • Safety Class: The class will run this year, following DNR guidelines for Covid-19 safety. It will be at Tichigan Fire Department on December 7, 10 and 12. The class has not been advertised yet and is already over half full! If you know of a youth who is interested in participating, please contact Ken Werner (414-406-7378) or Mark (262-781-0640).
  • Queen of Hearts: The Werners are looking for someone to take over this activity. Thank you to Ken and Dawn for keeping this going for our club for so long!

Justin Ehrhart made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Roger Winkler seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Upcoming Events

  • December 10th – Drifters meeting at 7pm at Dover Inn